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 Nouveau format en février

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MessageSujet: Nouveau format en février   Dim 9 Déc - 18:34

Pour ceux qui ne vont pas souvent sur le forum de Sabertooth :

Citation :
Here we are, November. The holidays are in the air, set rotation is around the corner, a whole new environment is at our threshold.

Congratulations go out to David Freeman, UFS lead developer on his recent staff championship victory. Dave defeated Erik and Tom (the top 2 players in the world according to Erik) in semi-finals and finals to take the championship.


Just so that we are clear we wanted to repost the set rotation schedule for those characters that do not have water marks.

Characters will rotate out at a slower rate.

With Set 8 in February 2008, all characters with set designation of PA, SC01, SC1P, SF01, and SF1P as well as any non-character card without the 3 or 4 pointed Ninja Star Water mark behind the text will be removed from the environment.

With Set 9 in May 2008, all characters with set designations of SC02, SF02 will be removed from the environment.

With Set 11 in November 2008 all characters with set designation of SNK1, SF03, SCBP, SF3P, and SC3P will be removed from the environment.

With Set 12 in February 2009 all characters with set designation of 2006, SC03, SC04, SC05, SF04, SF05, SNK2, SFBP, UFS3P as well as all cards with a 3 pointed ninja star will be removed from the environment.

As these characters are removed from the play environment we will add them to the tournament rules until the release of set 15 in November 2009. After that character cards will be treated like any other card in the environment based on the water mark. Set 7 characters have been given the 3 pointed star in the upper right hand corner of the text box.


In office we all had a great time reading Matt Morgan’s article on “Pre-Rotation Anxiety Disorder.” If you have not read the article, we suggest that you do. The link can be found at : http://www.sabertoothgames.com/ufs/ufs.asp?content=ufs_artic les_49

The best humor is based in truth and I think that Matt has touched on something very special here. For those of you too lazy to click the link, I am reposting the 5 stages of PRADS:

STAGE 1 PRADS: Denial, “It can’t be happening.”
Many of us start our symptoms here. You find out from someone that come February a lot of things are going to change. All those cards will just seem to go up in smoke. It seems ridiculous and maybe even the whole thing is a joke you refuse to believe. After all, how could they just seem to discount all those good cards!

STAGE 2 PRADS: Anger, “Why THESE cards? It’s not fair!”
Now the realization sets in that no matter what you do, the block will rotate out of current play. “This game was supposed to be different!” Faced with the loss of your old cards, decks, combos and characters you smolder inside with more than generic rage. You refuse to give up and want to fight it for your sake or the supposed game’s.

STAGE 3 PRADS: Bargaining, “Just let me keep these few cards…”
By this point saving the entirety of the game seems a little difficult. Perhaps you could convince the makers that just one or two cards couldn’t hurt. You take the news that there will be vintage-style tournaments still and try to convince yourself that the old days aren’t over…maybe this format will actually be better than current.

STAGE 4 PRADS: Depression, “It’s useless, why even bother any more?”
This can be the most devastating stage for any player. You feel crushed. Abandoned. Everything is going on around you and even though you’ve both raged with passion and compromised with tactfulness nobody seems to be listening. There doesn’t appear to be a point to it at all. This is also the stage where most sufferers of PRADS plant the seeds of Stage 1 in the minds of others as they act consciously or unconsciously as “doomsayers” and spread the word (official or not) because what do they care any more.

STAGE 5 PRADS: Acceptance, “You know, I think everything will end up ok.”
After finally submitting to the announcements and at the perceived bottom of the barrel, you allow yourself to look up and see that shimmering light. Now that you are relaxed and at peace, suddenly things seem clear. Maybe there is a grand scheme to all this that wasn’t meant to target and hurt you. Perhaps there is something even better on the horizon that you couldn’t see because you closed your eyes and mind in your fit to hold onto the old? In fact, maybe your mind swims with ideas based on the news. A brand new future lies ahead of you…one with many more possibilities than even before.

Set rotation for any game can be a bit confusing, a little labor intensive and of course something new to get use to. But set rotation also brings with it a new environment to explore as well as gives some cards and strategies a chance to shine where they might not have otherwise. The freshness of a new environment should be rather, well, refreshing to the player base as a whole.

The guys in R&D are all fired up over the block rotation and have already begun making the decks they will be taking with them to in store events and conventions in the new year.


We are just weeks away from the addition of Dark Stalkers to the UFS family of products. In this addition it is easy to forget about Dark Stalker’s sister set: Street Fighter: Fight for the Future. Some key cards in that set played important roles in our staff tourney and it should not be overlooked.

Alex features some strong speed and damage bonuses, both on his cards and his foundations. Cards like Impressive Physique and Undefeated will become staple cards for damage generation.

Cammy is a little different this time. She plays off of her removed from game pile, constantly adding her own cards to it and then playing cards out of it or based on it. Scarred will be a popular card for screwing your opponents by putting cards in their momentum that they may not want in their momentum. Undercover is also a nice mill card in that it triggers off of a player adding momentum to their deck and then removes that players top 2 cards from the game.

Chun-Li gains vitality this go around, but she does it while at desperation. Playing against her will be interesting. Traditional Style negates progressive difficulty for control 2 cards and actually provides a +1 instead for control 1 cards. We think with some of the other prop 1-2 control check cards out there that this should help make for an awesome deck.

Dhalsim punishes your opponent for playing with multiple copies of the same card. Roam the World commits all copies of one card. Spiritual Center negates damage bonuses that exceed your opponent’s momentum.

Gen is about momentum generation and using that momentum to reduce damage. Tiger Style (an action card) should prove to be rather valuable against those decks that just build up to 1 attack. It basically prevents all damage on an attack as an E for 2 momentum.

Gill is a stall character that increases the difficulty on the first attack of each turn and commits foundations after the first card of each turn is played. The card The Illuminati will see some side board action at least, since it has an ability that prevents readying cards during the combat phase. The card Illuminati Messiah was used rather well by Jonathan in his mill deck. It often slowed the game down long enough for him to get his trick off.

Guile is a blocking machine. His card Man Enough, allows you to return a card you have played with as a block to your hand. Further Military Rank allows you to fetch cards from your discard pile during your opponent’s turn when they play a card that matches the control of a card already in their discard pile.

A good amount of the commons and uncommons in set 7 have been given the 4 pointed ninja star water mark. This way a good portion of the set stays viable for longer but the cards that are viable can be easily obtained by the next generation of players a year or so from now.


Set 7 should have a good amount of time to interact with the cards in the old block. Asset of Power events are up and running. It would be easy to forget about events until February rolls around, but those assets of power are out there just waiting to be claimed. If you want to play in more Assets of Power events talk to your local scout and store owner about scheduling these events.


In the interest of making the most out of our set rotation we have examined all of the cards moving forward into the new block (those with the 3 pointed ninja star water mark) that will join next year’s cards (those with the 4 pointed ninja star water mark). With set rotation comes a potential influx of new players. We want to provide those players with an experience that is challenging and fun as they come to UFS. We are aware that there are some cards that can be daunting to new players. We took a list of all of the cards moving forward and noted any card we had heard there being issues with. We took the top 15 offenders and discussed them in office. We brought this list down to 12 cards. We then consulted with about a dozen of the players that we know really well and the list got paired down to 8 cards. Then we took the list to our scout forums where through more discussion we brought the list down to 5 cards to ban and 2 cards to receive errata. Note that with Block Rotation all of the cards currently on the banned list will be removed and moved into the Legacy Format (where we will be developing a new banned list specific to that format). Thus when Block Rotation occurs these will be the only banned cards for our standard format.


The cards being banned are:

Defender of the Empire – The timing on this card is way too liberal. The playable while committed on top of it’s ability to play through most cancel effects is the straw that breaks the camel’s back on this one. This card became too offensive when it was designed to just be another answer to discard. A similar card will make an appearance in the future, but a little more controlled. For people that were playing it with smaller hand size characters remember Fortune & Glory works wonders for you.

Hugo*** - Hugo’s massive vitality with his tutor ability to search for prime answers to whatever he is playing makes the game slower and more methodical than good for the game and makes for a truly negative play experience. A late game Replenishment is rather demoralizing and without a good number of effects like Seal of Cessation in the environment, we thought it best to let this one go. New versions of Hugo will make appearances in mid to late 2008.

Kasumi Gaki – The card’s infinite potentials are simply overwhelming, we are trying hard to get away from infinite loops as they are just bad for the game overall. The fact that its readying effect is a static effect that is not activated on top of its fast foundation effect combo put this card on this list.

Kubi Ori – Part of several infinite loops and even when this card is not infinitely looped, it is just too easy to spam several times very easy during a turn.

Ruler of Southtown – Some have proposed errata for this card to make a minimum of 1 token. We have played this out and it is our opinion that this just drags the game down too much and when combined with other Control Check reducing effects, makes this an experience that we feel is not good for the long term health of the game.

The following cards will receive errata:

Red Gi – which will now be Unique. – When players are hit with multiples of this card, a psychological effect takes place where the cards in hand that cannot be played just sit there and taunt them until their next draw phase. As suggested by the community we have made this card unique.

Matt Kohls, whose second ability should read:
F Discard X non block cards: Once per turn, add X block cards from your discard pile to your hand. Until the end of your next turn, any cards removed from your card pool are removed from the game instead.

We wanted to slow Matt’s card down a bit and put a down side to all of the crazy recursion that can take place. The recursion was not the problem, but rather the amount of it. Play of this character will need to be a little more methodical and planned from here on out.

Matt’s errata comes with our apologies to Matt. To make up for this faux paus we will be reprinting Matt’s card for him with the 4 pointed star symbol. This will give Matt an extra year of play. Sabertooth Games will be offering redemption on this card – you may send us your old copy and we will send you a new copy. If you run into Matt, he may even be able to help you out with this as well.

En gros : Les cartes légales en février seront celles avec le watremarks. Les persos seront retirés tous les 6 sets (donc ceux du premier set ne seront plus légales)
Il a 5 cartes bannies et 2 erratées (voir plus haut).
On a des set de prévu jusque fin 2009 Very Happy

Coupe de France UFS 2008

Japan Expo - 4 jours de Tournois ! KULTIGAME
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MessageSujet: Re: Nouveau format en février   Mer 12 Déc - 14:09

désolé de revenir à la charge avec mes questions...
les water marks sont les shurikens a 3 et 4 branches presents sur certaines cartes?

les rotations ne prendrons pas en compte toutes les cartes mais seulement les cartes sans cette marque?

enfin, cette marque sert elle uniquement à definir un format de jeu?

voila désolé de pauser des questions futiles mais bon...

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MessageSujet: Re: Nouveau format en février   Mer 12 Déc - 15:14

Ce sont les shuriken en general apres ceux a 4 branche indique les cartes qui risques (vu qu'on sais jamais!) de rester plus longtemp (genre jusqu'au block 3)
Voila. Smile

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MessageSujet: Re: Nouveau format en février   Jeu 13 Déc - 21:42

En watermark, on joue toutes les cartes avec des shurikens, justes que les 3 branches sortiront plus tôt!

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MessageSujet: Re: Nouveau format en février   Mer 26 Déc - 17:40

Crying or Very sad


OP#8852478 - Morrigan : Sucer ce n'est pas tromper
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MessageSujet: Re: Nouveau format en février   

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Nouveau format en février
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